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Tattoo magazine madness Fresh from the presses and on news stands this month are some pimp new articles featuring your truly. I've been published countless times but never had any feature spreads, and in one month i managed to land 3 slick articles. And there are more on the way, they're just not out this month. Tattoo Revue came out first, and will always be my de-virginizer. It's still on stands, and its between it's covers hold a 10 page spread with awesome pictures and and my very first interview, conducted by Editor Lauren Blake herself. And i just got my copy of the new Tattoo Savage in the mail today, and it holds and extremley powerful 4 pages, that is probably the best spread i have ever seen in Savage. But I am a little biased. The lay-out is incredible, and the write up makes me sound crazy. Anyone who knows me knows that i do have a few insane tendencies. Also out this month, in Mexican news stands and International bookstores here in the states is and eleven page layout of nothing more than my tattoos in Tatuajes y perforaciones. It doesn't have any text exept for "Galeria Dave Tedder" Its awesome, it's like they printed my older portfolio.

Here's a few excerpts, to view the articles in thier entirety check out the publications page of www.allornothingtattoo.com or www.imyourenemy.com. And keep checking back here, there will be a publications gallery coming really soon, since there are so many more international articles coming in the next few months.

Thank you all for contributing to the success' ive been fortunate enough to have .

TATTOO REVUE: What sorts of inspiration informs your work?

DAVE TEDDER: The enviroment at All or Nothing is continually inspiring. Being around heavily motivated people like the crew at the studio is truly inspiring. There's always so much going on that theres' no way you can fall off and let that A-Game slip.Brandon Bond is one of the most driven individuals I've ever met, and he broadcasts that like a beacon to everyone of his soldiers…

TR: If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

DT: I think it has to be P.T. Barnum. He was a buisness man through and through. He knew how to create so much hype and mystery out of a lie that no one could disprove. Genius: He was the king of smoke and mirrors. He convinced the worl, time and tme again, that someone they had never seen or heard of, was the grandest thing to ever come around…

…Or maybe I'd want to kick it with Hank Williams. One good night drinkin' and buy ol' hank rounds to get him to keep playin those lonesome tunes sounds about like heaven right now.

TATTOO SAVAGE: "Oh my God, I just love tattooing. I love being a part of it," says Dave Tedder. "i devote my entire life to it, ’round the clock. I have no time left to offer anything else to the rest of the world. Tattooing totaly consumes me."…

…On the rare occasions when dave isn't Tattooing, sleeping, or drawing tomorrow's tattoos, he's probably out shooting stuff.

"It's a great stress reliever," says Dave. "I just got a new Kimber .45 that im familiarizing myself with just in case the dead ever decide to rise up and walk the earth devouring every brain in thier path. Shooting is definitely my favorite hobby."

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